Dear Colleagues and Clients,

The current situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus is a cause of great concern to all of us and these days we are worried about our families, our friends and neighbours, our staff members and all people in the world. Weickmann & Weickmann is closely following the official reports and recommendations with respect to the development of the pandemic and we have taken extensive measures for protecting the health of our team, our clients and business partners at an early stage. The slowdown of the spread of the infection is our top priority at present. Nevertheless, based on a modern IT infrastructure and a number of preparatory actions, we are able to reliably maintain business operation for our clients without limitations.

  • We have a complete electronic file and case management system. All internal processes have been fully digital and established on an electronic basis for years. Our team is currently working contactless or from home.
  • Team members still working in the office observe strict rules to prevent infection. We are prepared and ready to seamlessly switch to complete remote operation of the firm should this become necessary at any point in time.
  • Our data security systems, backup systems and firewalls are state-of-the-art. The sensitive data of our clients are reliably protected through a multi-redundant database system, failover functionality and high-level encryption technology.
  • We have electronic access to all relevant patent offices. The European patent office has announced a general extension for most of its deadlines. The German Patent and Trademark Office has indicated to readily grant time-extensions upon request. Patent Offices all over the world have adopted similar regulations.
  • Weickmann & Weickmann will of course continue to monitor and meet each and every official deadline and will diligently take care of each and every protective right entrusted to us.
  • The capacity, quality and availability of our work for our clients is not affected.

Together we will overcome this crisis. Be cautious but confident in the coming days. Take care of each other and stay healthy!

Your Weickmann & Weickmann team.

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