Further Areas of Activity



  • Legal opinions
  • Searches
  • Reinstatements and further processing
  • Plant variety protection, topography rights


We further provide the following services:

  • Annuities/renewal fees – payment and monitoring
  • Validation of European patents
  • Watches
  • Worldwide transactions relating to intellectual property rights, registration of transfer of rights
  • Translations
  • Apostilles and authentications
  • Confidential matters

Annuities/Renewal Fees – Payment and Monitoring

The timely payment of annuities/renewal fees is an essential prerequisite for the validity and consequently the enforceability and strategic use of intellectual property rights.

Annuities/renewal fees have to be paid within defined periods in order to maintain intellectual property rights, such as patent applications, patents, utility models or trade marks. If the deadlines for payment are not met, the property rights will lapse. The monitoring and timely payment of fees due is therefore an important element in the management of intellectual property right portfolios.

At Weickmann & Weickmann, a team of specially trained staff processes and coordinates the monitoring of the payment times, reminds our clients of the deadlines and pays the annuities/renewal fees under the supervision of the partners responsible for the annuities department.

Thanks to our use of a constantly refined software and a complete backup system, annuity/renewal fee payments are made by Weickmann & Weickmann worldwide with maximum security and effectiveness on attractive terms.