Patents and Utility Models

Patents and utility models protect technical aspects of an invention if these aspects are new, inventive and susceptible of industrial application.

Unauthorised use of the invention gives the proprietor the right to claim injunctive relief and damages for both patents and utility models.

Patent and Utility Model Litigation

“The best of men can not remain at peace if any wicked neighbour will it not.” (Friedrich von Schiller: “William Tell”)

Patents and utility models give their proprietor the right to make exclusive use of an invention and prohibit unauthorised third parties from using it.

On the other hand, it is possible for those who are accused of infringing the patent or utility model to defend themselves against the charge by destroying the patent or utility model.

Trade Marks and Designs

“Trade marks create individualism – they distinguish”

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Employee Inventions Act

The German Employee Inventions Act governs the balance of interests between an employee inventor and his or her employer.

According to German law, the inventor initially owns the rights in an invention. When employees have made an invention, they must report it to their employer immediately. The rights in the invention are then automatically transferred to the employer, unless the employer releases the invention to the inventor due to lack of interest in the invention within four months of the report.