Fields of expertise

You can rely on us: we have competent experience in all areas of intellectual property.

Not without reason did we divide our firm into the three main departments of

  • Engineering
  • Chemistry and Life Sciences
  • Trademarks and Designs.

In each of these departments, we have specialists who were specifically chosen for their field; they are all academically trained and for the most part have obtained a doctoral degree. Our attorneys are used to “thinking outside the box” and working together interdisciplinarily beyond their areas of expertise to obtain the best results.


Technical inventions and the associated intellectual property rights have been the focus of our work for our clients ever since the law firm was established in 1882.

Our specialists are physicists and engineers and are able to work in all fields of engineering, especially

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering and electronics, including the IT sector and mobile communications
  • process and systems engineering
  • energy technology
  • measurement and control technology
  • medical engineering


They offer highly qualified technical and legal advice and help our clients find the optimum solutions to their problems. 

Team of engineering experts

Chemistry/Life Sciences

We have been representing our clients' interests in the field of chemistry since our firm was founded and have continued to expand our expertise in the various areas ever since.

Our professionals are chemists, biochemists, biologists and pharmacists and provide highly qualified advice in all areas of chemistry and life sciences, particularly in

  • organic chemistry, including polymer chemistry, construction chemistry, textile chemistry, paper chemistry, oleochemistry, basic chemicals, pesticides and analytics
  • inorganic chemistry, including semiconductor technology, electrochemistry, metallurgy, catalyst technology and construction materials
  • biochemistry and medical applications, including pharmacy, immunology, genetics, biotechnology, diagnostics, medical chemistry and food chemistry.

Team of Chemistry/Life Sciences experts


We advise our clients over the entire breadth of trademark and design law.

The advice is targeted, depending on whether it is a large international group, a small or medium-sized company or a private individual. In the process, we also consider aspects of specific markets and the problems associated with globalisation.

Establishing economically efficient brand portfolios, then monitoring and attending to them is one of our strengths, as is enforcing our clients’ rights by court and out-of-court action.

Team of Trademarks/Designs experts