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Possible effects of BREXIT on the scope of protection of your European Union trademarks


The EU Commission and the EUIPO have set out the consequences of a BREXIT as they turn out at present by means of the attached mutual notice of December 1, 2017 to the holders of European Union trademarks and Community designs:

Revision of the EPO Guidelines for Examination – Key Aspects for Applicants


According to an announcement of the European Patent Office (EPO) dated 4 August 2017 (OJ EPO 2017, A 75) the Guidelines for Examination (“the Guidelines”) have been amended.

News from the European Patent Office


New President nominated

Oh no, not that! – Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe temporarily stops unitary patent and Unitary Patent Court

Update of our news of February 27, 2017, September 26, 2016 and June 24, 2016

Patenting stem cells and genes in Europe


By Wolfgang Weiss and Christian Heubeck, Weickmann & Weickmann. This article first appeared in IAM Life Sciences 2017, a supplement to IAM, published by Globe Business Media Group - IP Division.

Unitary patents and Unitary Patent Court might come about despite Brexit!


Update of our NEWS of June 24, 2016 and September 26, 2016

EPO: Improved refund system for the examination fee after withdrawal of an application


Obviously as incentive for a withdrawal of applications with low chances of success and/or minor commercial value by the applicants and thus reducing the heavy workload of the EPO, new regulations for the refund of the...

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