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Neuigkeiten aus dem gewerblichen Rechtsschutz zusammengestellt von unseren Patent- und Rechtsanwälten.

The Wide Scope of IP Protection by German Utility Models


A Short Introduction to German Utility Models versus Patents – Part 1

EuGH: Weiterhin enger Rahmen für Schutzrechte der Pharmaindustrie


Kein ergänzendes Schutzzertifikat für altbekannten Wirkstoff im neuen Kleid

Clinical trials


Timing is key for successful patent protection in pharmaceuticals sector

The EPC vegetable stall – from broccoli and tomato to green blocky peppers (T 1063/18)


On February 5, 2019, the written decision in case T 1063/18 on the patentability of plants has been issued by the EPO Boards of Appeal. With the written decision, the responsible Board’s reasoning for the remarkable conclusion...

Orte als Marke


DEVIN setzt sich im Markenstreit um Sprudelwasser gegen EUIPO durch

German Constitutional Complaint Against the UPC Agreement


– A Look in the Crystal Ball of German History

Branched-off German Utility Models


Frequently the protective rights of a client don’t allow the patent attorney to immediately provide the legal assistance the client needs in a specific competitive situation. For example, as long as a patent application is...