From Application to Registration, worldwide

At the beginning of every IP application, we carry out a detailed analysis of the invention in close collaboration with the inventors. In this process, the differences between the invention and the prior art as well as its technical advantages are worked out.

Often, this results in several protectable aspects. Even at this early stage, we advise you as our client on the best filing strategy for your needs. Important aspects are, on the one hand, the countries in which the invention is to be protected and, on the other hand, financial aspects. Patents and utility models have a national effect. They are only valid in the country in which they were filed.

In comparison to a patent, significantly fewer countries offer the possibility of utility model protection. Important markets which offer utility models are, for example, China and Japan, but not the USA. At the European level, utility models can be registered in France, Italy and Spain, for example, but not in the UK or the Netherlands.

Claiming the priority of an existing application for subsequent applications also plays a role when considering strategy.

We will keep you updated during the registration procedure with the respective national authority at all times. Depending on how your project develops, we adapt the filing strategy. Our goal is a strong intellectual property right that gives our clients a clear competitive advantage.