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The patent grants its proprietor a right of prohibition. If a third party uses the protected invention without authorization, the patent proprietor can take action against the infringer. Typical claims asserted in court are injunctive relief and damages (see patent infringement). In several countries, including Germany, it is possible to apply for a utility model alongside or in addition to a patent. This is also a technical property right, but it is registered without substantive examination. The protectability of a utility model is only assessed in infringement proceedings before a court or cancellation proceedings before the Patent Office. […]
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Utility Models

The term of a utility model is a maximum of ten years. Utility models can be used to protect products, but not processes. It is also possible to protect certain medical uses known as a pharmaceutical utility model. The utility model can be obtained quickly and inexpensively. After a formal examination, the patent office registers it without substantive examination for protectability. […]
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Supplementary Protection Certificates

This means that a patent proprietor cannot fully exploit the patent. In such cases, the legislator provides compensation in the form of Supplementary Protection Certificates. In the countries of the European Union (EU), a Supplementary Protection Certificate extends the term of patent protection by a maximum of 5 years. […]
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We are always looking for motivated and qualified patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law to join our specialist teams.

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Weickmann & Weickmann Recognized by IAM Patent 1000 for prosecution and nullity

Munich, June 6, 2024: Weickmann & Weickmann is proud to announce its recognition in the IAM Patent 1000 rankings in the category prosecution and nullity including four recommended individuals. „Weickmann is a very well-structured firm with its capabilities tailored to meet every client’s needs. The attorneys are efficient, results driven and meticulously focused on the […]

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TCI wins with WEICKMANN in nullity proceedings for LED technology against Signify before the Federal Court of Justice

Munich, May 22, 2024: The Italian electronics group TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia S.r.L. has prevailed against Signify Holding B.V. in important patent nullity proceedings concerning a core technology for LED lighting systems before the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) (Ref.: X ZR 62/22).  In in its decision announced on May 16, 2024 immediately after the […]

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WEICKMANN wins award at the Managing IP EMEA Awards 2024

For the contribution in a cross-border litigation concerning Bayer’s patent EP 2 305 255, our partner Hans Weickmann attended the Managing IP EMEA Awards 2024 ceremony yesterday evening in London to receive the award for the „Impact Case of the Year“. In Germany, the patent has been successfully defended before the German Federal Court of […]

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Patent Attorney Munich

Patent attorney in Munich: Protect inventions efficiently.

It is your invention. An invention that came about through your own inspiration and which took time and money to develop. The idea that describes something that is completely different from what your competitors have shown. A unique idea that, in addition to the value of your own creation, also gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.


You certainly don’t want imitators of your invention to make the profit that you are entitled to. You should therefore protect your invention just as professionally as you developed it. Your partner for this is the patent attorney in Munich. We at Weickmann are such a partner.

Discover the benefits of the patent

A patent is an important asset for your company in Munich or anywhere else. This is because it certifies a so-called prohibition right: it prohibits unauthorized third parties from using your invention, thus protecting your inventive contribution and its exploitation possibilities. If, for example, other companies from your competitors infringe the patent, you can therefore take legal action against them. If you are convicted of patent infringement, you can assert claims against the infringing company. The two classics are the claim for injunctive relief and the claim for damages due to the unauthorized use of the patented idea. As your patent attorney in Munich, Weickmann provides you with professional and precise support in obtaining your property rights and – if necessary – enforcing them against unauthorized use.

The requirements for patenting

Patent law precisely describes the requirements for ideas that can be protected by a technical property right. The basic prerequisite for this is that the invention is of a technical nature. This is because a patent – like a utility model – protects the technical aspect of inventions. In addition, the inventions must be industrially applicable, i.e. enable monetary profit, for example. The fulfilment of the requirements is examined in detail in a comprehensive procedure. As a patent attorney in Munich, we prepare this examination precisely and are a competent partner for our clients regarding the individual procedures in the field of patent law.

Supplementing patent protection

As a patent attorney in Munich, we also take a close look at your invention because we want to work with you to develop an optimal strategy for protecting it. This includes assertive support during the application and grant procedure. But it also concerns possible supplementary applications that the law offers to extend the protection of your idea. Another option in some countries is to use a utility model as a supplementary property right. Although it has a shorter term, it can be implemented quickly – and is therefore a tried and tested method if protection is required quickly. In the field of pharmaceuticals or plant protection products, a supplementary protection certificate can protect inventions for longer under certain conditions. Adequate trademark and design protection is also an important element of a solid property rights portfolio.

Advice as the basis for suitable protection

As a patent attorney in Munich, we recommend consulting with patent law experts. Only specialists who are familiar with both national and international patent and trademark regulations can offer the customized protection you are looking for as an applicant or inventor. We will examine your invention for the optimum protection measures and explain the differences between the classic patent and other forms of protection, such as utility models, trademarks, and designs. We will then advise you on the procedure you have chosen. Of course, your patent attorney in Munich will also provide you with comprehensive advice and support if, for example, patent infringements have already occurred. Call us now for your consultation appointment.